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Established in 2014

About Us

Bridging Families is a committed organisation providing facilitated changeover and supervised contact visits for children and their separated parents &/or significant others. We cover the Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Our primary focus is on the child’s physical and emotional well-being.  The child’s rights and needs are paramount. Parents may be referred to Bridging Families supervised contact services by their legal representative, the court or can self-refer.

Contact visits are conducted in a neutral child friendly and appropriate environment in accordance with court orders or by parent agreement. In the event if supervised contact is court ordered Bridging Families endeavour to ensure the contact visit proceeds. We understand that some children initially may be resistant in engaging with the visiting parent.

This area of residence and contact litigation is often fraught with highly emotional opinion, stress and frustration. Bridging Families recognises and understands each parent’s case in the establishment of contact visits. We endeavour to alleviate any stress by navigating to a positive outcome through negotiation. Full compliance is given to the Family Court order or parent agreement.

Bridging Families does not have a waiting list. It is subject to a supervisor’s availability and the successful completion of the supervised contact consult procedure.

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The Bridging Families service aims to afford the child / children and their parents the opportunity to build & maintain positive relationships with one another.

Child and Parent Relationship

Bridging Families recognises in most cases the ongoing contact with both parents after a separation is very important for the child’s well-being and future development. Diversity of cultures, backgrounds and family structures are supported and valued.

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  • Excellence

Bridging Families pursues excellence in all their operational areas and aims to achieve high professional and ethical standards and quality outcomes through effective open communication and practice. A continued improvement system is in place.

  •  Respect

Bridging Families holds high regard to all individual’s rights and opinions. The preservation of the child’s safety and well-being is paramount. Both parents are afforded equal and non-judgemental time to articulate their case.

  • Staff Appreciation

Our rigorous recruitment process supports the high calibre of our workplace. High importance is placed on the fostering of our staff’s well-being and professional development. Full recognition is afforded to all staff.

  • Integrity

Bridging Families values itself as an honest, trustworthy, accountable and transparent organisation.

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