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Supervised Contact Visits

Bridging Families services provide a range of supervised contact services. The organisation facilitates both court ordered and parent agreement supervised contact for separated parents. Our primary focus is the safety and well-being of the child / children. The service recognises the significant value of the child and parent relationship, affording them both with a significant opportunity to concentrate on the preservation, improvement & restoration of their relationship.

It is very common for separated parents to feel an array of adverse feelings making it difficult for them to manage the contact arrangements.  Bridging Families will support and guide the parents positively through this process with the implementation of a service agreement tailored to the child’s and their needs and in accordance with any current orders or parent agreements.

Contact visits provide the parents with the opportunity to demonstrate their parenting skills and the relationship they hold with their child / children. The supervisor will discreetly observe and monitor the contact visit. A comprehensive report of the contact visit will be documented, securely stored and available for court purposes.

The contact location is mutually agreed upon by both parents with primary consideration given to the child’s needs. A safe, child friendly and age appropriate environment is highly encouraged, affording the child / children and parent positive experiences. The location may be subject to court orders.

It is Bridging Families intent to facilitate a happy, enjoyable and relaxed contact visit.


Changeover Facilitation

This is where the Bridging Families worker supervises and records the transition between parents of supervised or unsupervised contact visits to protect the child / children from witnessing conflict and to adhere with current orders and/or parent agreements. The exchange location may be court appointed or by parent agreement.


Supervised Transport

This transport service for the child / children may be required for some supervised or unsupervised contact visits. Age appropriate quality car seats are used. A comprehensive written report of the child’s mood, behaviour and interactions during transportation will be available to purchase if required.

Children Arriving at School

Interim Supervised Contact / Changeover Facilitation

Bridging Families provides an interim supervised contact service for parents on a contact centre waiting list. This service is also extended to changeover and change back when the ordered / agreed provider is unavailable.


Court Attendance

The Bridging Families supervisor will attend court proceedings to provide a factual account of the visit(s) observed if required.

Judge and Gavel

Contact Visit Report

A comprehensive visit report is prepared after the contact visit by the Bridging Families supervisor from their visit observations. This report details date, time, duration, person’s in attendance, court / OH&S breaches or concerns, parent & child / children’s mood & behaviour, changeover facilitation, interactions & conversations, activities and a visit summary. This report is recognised by the court and can be purchased by either parent.

Legal Research and Writing

Child / Children and Supervisor Special Pre Requested Contact Visit Meeting

This service is available if requested by the parent to assist the child / children in familiarising and alleviating any anxiety / fear of what to expect from the contact service and the supervisor. There is a minimum time frame of 1 hour charged for this service. Recommended meeting location to be the agreed contact visit venue for further consolidation.

 Please refer to the Bridging Families Schedule of Fees for the cost and min rates of each contact service.

Work Interview


The below list are all the important service benefits Bridging Families can offer you in the facilitation of your service type.

  • Bridging Families has NO WAITING LIST and in most cases NO SET UP and NO ADMIN Fees.

  • Bridging Families service is very professional, efficient and affordable.

  • The child / children’s safety and well-being is of paramount importance.

  • Bridging Families is an independent third party. The parents do not have to deal directly with each other. There is no opportunity for further conflict happening.

  • Compliance of all legislation is upheld by Bridging Families.

  • Bridging Families consists of a highly skilled and experienced professional team.

  • We endeavor to provide a unique tailored service to all the stakeholder’s needs.

  • Confidentiality and impartiality is maintained.

  • Bridging Families provides various contact services such as: supervised changeover facilitation, supervised transport, supervised contact visits, interim supervised contact visits, pre introductory and awareness meeting.

  • A comprehensive visit report appropriate to the court’s needs is prepared on each contact visit conducted.

  • Bridging Families endeavor to provide replacement supervisors at short notice so that the service type can take place.

  • Court attendance by the supervisor is available if required.

  • Supervised contact services are available on all public holidays.

  • Bridging Families has an after hours service available in the event of an emergency.

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